Universal Shock Mount

Holds Mics 1.57″ – 1.73″ in size

Due to their sensitive quality and exceptional ability for detail, condenser mics can pick up unwanted handling or room noise. This Universal Shock Mount protects the quality of your recordings by providing a layer of isolation between your mic and everything else. This inexpensive tool can make a huge difference in the quality of your studio recordings, podcasts, and more.

The shock-mount includes 2 independent elastic bands to isolate your mic from hard surfaces in your studio, which can cause thumps and rumbles in recordings from your high quality studio recording mic. By separating the mic from a standard hard plastic clip or metal mount, the elastic bands will absorb any foot noise, desk bumps, or hitting the mic stand. Your recording ends up free from thumps and thuds that can cause distorted peaks and ruin an otherwise great recording.


  • Isolate mics from bumps and scuffles
  • 2 independent elastic bands isolate your mic from hard surfaces in your studio that can cause thumps and rumbles in recordings
  • Holds mics 1.57″ – 1.73″ (40-44mm) in size
  • Supports most popular large diaphragm condenser microphones


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