TekGrip Cup Holder MountTekGrip Cup Holder Mount

TekGrip Cup Holder Mount

Easy To Install Phone Mount

The TekGrip Cup Holder Mount is a great way to mount your electronic devices. The expandable device holder arms open up to 3.5″. This mount is easy to install. You just twist the dial until it’s tight in the cup holder. Whether you are traveling or running errands, this mount stays out of sight and is easy to take your device in and out.

On the market for a mount that you can use for multiple purposes? The TekGrip Cup Holder Mount works in cup holders up to 3.75”. You can use this mount in your car and golf cart. This mount is great for road trips and occupying your kids in the back seat. You can play games on your smartphone and listen to music. Don’t you just hate it when you drop your smartphone when typing in an address? You can set your device in the holder and still be able to type. No more dropping and having to get out and dig for your phone. You will never have to struggle to hold your phone, which ensures your safe driving. The TekGrip Cup Holder Mount works with most cup holders. It is easy to install and to transfer into a different car. This mount has a flexible gooseneck to fit any angle that you need. If you do not like mounts on your dash or windshield, this is a great alternative. Both you and your passenger can use the mount easily.

  • Fits most standard cup holders up to 3.75″
  • 360° rotation for portrait or landscape viewing
  • Folding support legs for added support when needed
  • Fits devices up to 3.5 inches wide
  • Works with most popsockets®


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