Symmetry Series Interface Bar Stand Adapter

The SYM-IB-SA Interface Bar Stand Adapter is an adapter bracket in Premier Mounts’ Symmetry Series, which is an easy to use configurable flat panel display mounting solution designed for rapid installation and alignment. The interface bar attaches to the SYM-IB-SA Adapter which mates to the PSD-HDCA Dual Pole Adapter and then is attached to the dual pole cart or floor stand.

The Symmetry Series consists of two main components: an interface bar (horizontal fitment) and a set of 2 display brackets (vertical fitment). Different display brackets are available, such as the Fine Tune Display brackets that offer 6-point (x,y,z) adjustments for precise display bezel alignment; and the Tilt Brackets that offer 10° of continual downward tilt. The modular components are designed to reduce installation time by over 40% compared to traditional individual single display mounting systems, and deliver precise alignment features to ensure perfect display bezel alignment. The Symmetry Series is one system that can be configured to fit a variety of digital signage needs, including video walls, transportation schedules and menuboards.

0.25 in. | 6.35 mm
Weight Capacity per Mount
200 lb. | 90.72 kg
Number of Mounts
Total Weight Capacity
200 lb. | 90.72 kg


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