Quick Disconnect Projector Mount | SPI-PRO

For Projectors Up to 45 lb

The SPI-PRO is a SpiroLock™ Universal Projector Mount with a weight capacity of 45 lb. It adapts to 1.5″ NPT and features a internal safety mechanism which holds the projector securely in place during detachment. It has an easy release to staging position to allow the projector to be removed with both hands, and universal mounting legs to reach a large variety of projector mounting points. The SPI-PRO comes with a ceiling plate and threaded pipe nipple, and features Radial Glide® to allow for quick and easy, tool-free projector alignment. This two-piece mount allows separate ceiling and projector installation, then twists and locks together.

$139.00 $55.99
Weight Capacity per Mount
45 lb. | 20.41 kg
Number of Mounts
Total Weight Capacity
45 lb. | 20.41 kg
Mounting Pattern Type
Shipping Weight
4.9 lb. | 2.22 kg
Shipping Box DIM Sizes
7.5 in. (wide) x 7.5 in. (high) x 10.3 in. (deep) | 190.5 mm x 190.5 mm x 261.62 mm
+6.00°/ -6.00°
+6.00°/ -6.00°


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