PP-5A Pipe Adapter Plate

Ceiling Adapter with 1.5 in. Coupler with Cable Access Hole

This 6 x 6 in. adapter plate has a 1.5 in. NPT threaded pipe coupler. The coupler includes a cable access hole for safely routing signal cable through pipe interior. It can be used with any standard 1.5 in. NPT pipe or with one of our 1.5 inch adjustable-height suspension adapters (APP-1321 or APP-2446) for drop distances of more than 3.8 ft.

Weight Capacity per Mount
500 lb. | 226.80 kg
Total Weight Capacity
500 lb. | 226.80 kg
Shipping Weight
3 lb. | 1.36 kg
Shipping Box DIM Sizes
6.5 in. (wide) x 3.5 in. (high) x 7 in. (deep) | 165.1 mm x 88.9 mm x 177.8 mm
Plate Size
6 in. (wide) x 6 in. (high) | 152.40 x 152.40 mm
Pole Diameter
1.5 in. | 38.10 mm


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