Outdoor Wall Mount for Samsung OH55F Displays in Portrait

The POH55FP-EX is built specifically for Samsung’s OH55F outdoor displays. Coated with super durable AAMA-2604 powder coating and constructed with corrosion resistant material the POH55FP is built to withstand the harshest environments. With a weight capacity of 140lb, it has the capacity to securely hold the Samsung OH55F to any wall.

In addition, the POH55FP-EX has an open mounting frame for easy access to power sources or cables and build-in post-installation leveling to ensure the display is 100% level.

The POH55FP-EX is made up and will ship in two components: The POH55F-EA brackets and the P2642T-EX.

Weight Capacity per Mount
140 lb | 63.5 kg


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