Monoprice PA Speaker Stands with Air Cushion

Heavy Duty Steel Tube Design

These heavy-duty steel stands are designed with the performance professional in mind. They are constructed from 1-3/8″ diameter steel tubes and can each hold up to 130 lbs. in weight. Each speaker can be positioned from about 41.5″ (105cm) to about 74.5″ (190cm) above the stage, ensuring that your music reaches your entire audience. A built-in pneumatic shock absorber in each stand provides an extra level of safety by preventing speaker drops or falls. The base of the stand measures about 48″ when fully expanded.


  • Heavy duty steel tube speaker stand
  • Built-in air-cushion safely mechanism to prevent sudden speaker drops
  • 1.38″ (3.5cm) tube diameter
  • 130 lbs. load capacity per stand
  • Height adjustable from about 41.5″ (105cm) to about 74.5″ (190cm)
  • Base expands to about 48″ (122cm)


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