In-Wall Box for the AM95

The INW-AM95 is an in-wall box built to store and allow easy access to all A/V components behind a display. Engineered to be paired with our AM95 slim, articulating mount the in-wall box is lightweight and sits flush inside a wall.
To make accessing components simple, the INW-AM95 has 2 removable panels on the front of the box, allowing access inside from one or both sides of the mount. In addition, it includes a removable plate for media player storage. Getting power and cabling into the box is a breeze because of several knockouts and an electrical box with 2 universal power plugs.
With traditional flat wall mounts that have AV components behind them, this has required 2 technicians to be deployed on-site for service and maintenance. The INW-AM95 provides unmatched convenience and performance that enables concealed mounting of components and speedy 1-person access for repairs and maintenance lowering the service cost by making it both easy and efficient.
3 in | 76.2 mm
Weight Capacity per Mount
15 lbs | 6.8 kg
Shipping Weight
12 lbs | 5.44 kg
Shipping Box DIM Sizes
17" (L) x 14" (H) x 4.5" (W)


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