Glass Floor Speaker Stands (Pair)

For Mid-sized Speakers

Improve the bass response and tighten up the imaging of your floor mounted speakers using these Glass Floor Speaker Stands!

Mid-sized speakers are usually too small to fit on a bookshelf, but placing them on the floor can cause problems with sound quality. For one thing, the drivers are not at the same height as your ears, which means that your ears are not in the center of the cone of sound produced by typical cone drivers (ribbon tweeters are an entirely different matter).

Another problem is that woofer is so close to the ground that almost half of the sound cone is directed into the floor, where it either gets muffled by carpeting or brightened by a non-carpeted surface. This can cause a muddy bass response that lacks the punch and tightness that it should produce.

These stands solve the problem by lifting the base of your speakers to a point about 23.6″ above the floor, thereby lifting the speaker cones to a point much nearer your ears when in a seated listening position. It also gives the woofer a chance to “breath” and expand before it gets reflected and attenuated by the floor. The result is a much tighter bass response coupled with improved clarity across the frequency spectrum.

These stands are constructed of tempered glass with aluminum vertical supports. They support up to 22 lbs. (10 kg) weight and are 23.6″ tall. The lower glass plate is 0.5″ (12mm) thick and measures 11.8″ x 9.8″ (300 x 250 mm), while the lower plate is 0.24″ (6mm) thick and measures 9.8″ x 7.9″ (250 x 200 mm). Each order includes two (2) speaker stands.



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