Universal Fine-Tune Projector Mount | FTP

Universal Fine-Tune Projector Mount

The FTP is a universal fine-tune projector mount build for easy installation in a variety of enviroments, including education, corporate and entertainment. This mount is UL listed making it a great fit for high traffic enviroments.

Designed and engineered with feedback from installers and integrators, the FTP projector mount has a slide release along with precision adjustment legs to save time during installation and service calls. Without any tools, the project mount can be fine-tune adjusted for pitch, roll and yaw independently of each other, giving you the ultimate control over where your image will be projected. Once you have the perfect positioning, simply lock it in place with a single thumb screw.

In addition, installation of the FTP is easy because it mates to standard pipe or ceiling structure using an included quick installation tool.  It is also very lightweight, weighing under 5lbs, in order to make ceiling installation a little easier on installers. Once installed, it can be a pain to realign a projector if it moves, but with the FTP post-installation leveling barrels assure alignment even after the projector is mounted.

Weight Capacity per Mount
65 lb. | 29.48 kg
Number of Mounts
Total Weight Capacity
65 lb. | 29.48 kg
Mounting Pattern Type
Shipping Weight
4.6 lb. | 2.09 kg
Shipping Box DIM Sizes
11.8 in. (wide) x 4.8 in. (high) x 12.5 in. (deep) | 299.72 mm x 121.92 mm x 317.5 mm
+5.00°/ -15.00°
+5.00°/ -5.00°
16.44 in. | 417.58 mm
+20.00°/ -20.00°


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