Double X-Frame Keyboard Stand

Heavy-Duty Steel Design

This heavy-duty steel keyboard stand uses the classic X form factor, which allows for a variety of angles, heights, and widths to suit everyone’s needs. The horizontal bars, which serve as the feet and the keyboard supports, are made of 1.1″ diameter steel tubing, while the vertical supports are 1.2″ x 0.5″ steel bars. The horizontal bars are 15.7″ long and can be spread to a maximum of 29″.

The stand is held in place using a heavy-duty “tooth” grip. A quick-release handle lets you easily lock the teeth in position or unlock them for packing up after the show. The stand can place the keyboard at a maximum height of 36.2″ and it can support up to 132 lbs. in weight.

Total Weight Capacity
26.2" (92cm)


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