As holiday shoppers roam from store to store, there is one thing that actively connects all of their buying and purchasing decisions: professional audio-video systems. When shopping, customers are usually looking for the newest and hottest gadgets or toys to give to their family members. They are looking to give a gift with a big impact.  Just like holiday shoppers, retailers are looking to make their big impact this season by implementing audio and visuals that stimulate buying senses and fill carts with more and more items.

In terms of visual systems, displays have always been used to convey retail marketing content to drive purchase decisions. Display screens are like flowing canvases for retailers. By leveraging the content being shown, companies can showcase their products in a way which is hard to convey through traditional print signage. To activate a purchase, the items being sold must be shown in its intended application. Children shown interacting with the latest toys, or playing the latest video game, are a much more pleasing viewing experience than just a stale, static image. Creating this visualization is a key element brought only through digital signage.

When thinking about positioning your signage, there are key elements that must be considered. Installers can take these points when pitching their services to the enterprise brands that are looking for a rebuff of their store locations. Here are three tips to help get started:

  • Capitalize on high traffic locations – getting customers to view your content is important and putting high-resolution displays in areas that are most frequented will help get your message across. The more people that come across your display and content, the more converted sales can be achieved. Some key areas to consider would be at store entrances, end-caps of aisles, and island kiosks of merchandise.
  • Use multiple displays together – sometimes one screen is simply not enough to capture the attention of masses heading through the front door. Consider a video wall array or linear menu board to spread multiple messages at the same time. Think of this as a dart board, when one piece of content does not hit the mark, a second screen may seal the deal. Retailers can take it a step further by introducing seamless LED video walls in their locations.
  • Optimize your floor space by using your ceiling – sometimes the best way to catch a person’s attention is when their heads are in the clouds. Hanging a display from the ceiling is relatively easy with the right mounting solutions. It will allow you to keep valuable floor space uncluttered while still having a channel to spread the news on what’s going on in the store.

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, retailers need to realize that audio-video can bring huge benefits to their key metrics. Once implemented to its fullest capacity, the bundle of professional systems and storefronts has the potential to drastically change the traditional brick and mortar shopping experience.