In a sea of a million good stories, only a great on will make you react. It takes a truly great story to get someone excited about what you have to say and we often believe that this is hard to do. We wonder how videos or content goes viral, but in reality, it takes certain “ingredients” to craft a delicious story.

1. Make a Great First Impression

Famous business author Malcolm Gladwell mentions in his book Blink that humans make decisions on almost no date and stick to those decisions until proven wrong. That means people will judge if they like or dislike your brand on the first interaction.

This makes sense because it’s hard for our brains to handle seeing the 2,000-4,000 brands or ads we see daily so in order to survive all the choices we make these snap judgments on brands or products. You only get one first impression when someone interacts with your brand so the story you’re trying to tell through digital signage has to be great.

2. Keep it Simple

Let’s keep this point simple: You aren’t standing next to a piece of digital signage explaining the stories to consumers, are you? No way! This means the story has to be easy to understand in a matter of seconds. Don’t complicate your story, keep it simple.

3. Credible

A great story that sticks must come from a credible source. As an expert on mounting solutions, Premier Mounts and PDS share the vivid details that only an expert would know about how mounts are designed, manufactured and installed. As the expert in your field of business, sharing these vivid details helps the consumer to trust in the story because they can trust the source it came from.

4. Level of Unexpectedness

Picture that you’re in the drive-thru of your favorite fast food restaurant picking up food for the family on the way home from a really tough day at work. You ended up here instead of a planned fancy dinner with your spouse because your boss was micro-managing you all day, made you stay late and on top of all that you spilled coffee on your favorite pants. Your awful day is still running through your mind when you pull up to pay for food and realize the car in front of you paid your bill.

How unexpected would that be? Especially on a day like that. That’s something that won’t easily be forgotten because it was so unexpected. That’s the same ingredient you want to add when you tell your stories.

5. EmotionalImage result for maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Now we aren’t talking about creating a story that will make people cry. We are talking about evoking emotion through a story that prompts consumers to act. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we see the pattern in which human motivations tend to move. Being able to capture emotions based on these factors, in addition to understanding our target audiences worldview will make consumers want to take action based on the way they feel.

6. Brings Value

When in the process of creating a great story, ask yourself: “Am I actually bringing the consumer value from what I am saying”. The answer must be yes. If your story does not bring them to value then what’s in it for them to remember what your digital signage has to say?

Value can come in many different forms whether it’s shouting out a customer story, making them laugh or giving them critical information. They key is to know your audience and what makes them happy or brings them value. Give, give, give – then make the ask.

7. Leads to Action

Most people have heard the term “call to action” and they have for a reason. You want stories to lead consumers to take action based on the emotions they are feeling. Use your digital signage and story to show the consumers the path to follow to achieve your action goal. Make sure to establish the action you want a consumer to take at the beginning of the creative process that way you can frame your story with this in mind.

And that’s the list! Keep these 7 ingredients in mind when crafting your next brand story and you will find that with some practice and over time, consumers will notice you more and you will create some amazing content for digitals signage. At Premier Mounts, we love to engage with our readers so if you have questions on anything you read, email Curtis at