In terms of purchasing, to buy or not to buy is not the most important question; since in most cases, that decision has already been made. The real question is “what to buy?”, and more importantly, why a product was chosen. If all things are equal it logically becomes a simple issue of price and availability, but that is an erroneous assumption and proper product evaluations are needed, especially in the world of AV (and mounts in particular). Ultimately it boils down to the old adage, that you get what you pay for.

The truly cheap mounts lack key attributes in terms of usability, lifespan, functionality, and most importantly safety. The investment in a more durable, functional, and safe solution for projects will pay dividends that supersede the initial price consideration. Here are some factors to take into consideration when selecting a mounting solution:

  1. Company Reputation

Let’s begin with your company’s reputation. There is a whole community and industry of professionals out there who install audio-video solutions for a living. These guys know the importance of not just choosing a cheap, China made mount from Amazon, but investing in a quality solution. They recommend getting a higher quality mount even for your home and doing this doesn’t have to break the bank. For example, look at the Premier Mounts brand who builds for the pro audio video industry and their AM65.

  1. Design and Quality 

When examining mounting solutions, you need to look at the entirety of the situation and the purposes of the engineering that went into the design.

Here are a few examples of questions to consider:

  • Is the mount built to the highest safety standards?

    low-cost, low-quality mounting solution.

    The result of a low-cost, low-quality mounting solution.

  • Can it handle the weight of the TV with room to spare?
  • Is the construction of quality, assuring long life?
  • Does the manufacturer offer a long-term or lifetime warranty?
  • Will it need to be replaced midway through the life of the TV?
  • If it is an articulating or movement mount, is it built to operate in an effortless manner?

Experience has taught many people that mount failure is not an option.

Mounts that fail to meet the above criteria may result in minor problems with catastrophic failures. The worst case is when a mount totally fails, and the display falls to the floor. Depending upon the location, the least concern is the display itself, if there are people in close proximity, a poorly made mount can lead to physical injury. High traffic locations such as hospitals, universities and retail stores are the last places you need an accident to occur. Poorly designed mounts can also damage the display during installation if specifications are not exact to that of the display and the costs of replacing damaged displays and mounts increases with less durable solutions. After the fact is not the time to have regrets.

  1. Access to TV

TVs require access to install things like HDMI cables, antennas, etc. If you use a mount with a limited range of motion then you won’t be able to get behind the screen! Ever tried to plug in an HDMI on a flat mount TV in a hotel? It’s next to impossible. Sometimes you might even need to remove the entire TV from the mount to be able to do it.

In the end, it ultimately boils down to the old adage, that you get what you pay for. Do your research and follow these guidelines and you will find a great mount!


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